May 9, 2012


Hey guys! 

Here's a bunch of funny videos featuring various themes from video games and popular culture in real life. They feature some awesome post-production and I think they should inspire you and give you a good laugh... or at least one of the two. I've also included links to the references, just in case you don't get it...

Rage Faces in Real Life

Here's a funny pair of videos by PistolShrimps that bring Rage Faces from RageComics also as seen on sites like 9gag and Canvas. Really funny, and very well done!

Video Games in Real Life

If you know me, you know I like me some CorridorDigital. They did this video a while ago featuring some common cheats from video games. Enjoy

Here's a Skyrim video (there's lots on Youtube btw) that shows a really nice perspective of the game, by timtimfed

Here's another video game reference featuring one of my favorite arcade games: Metal Slug! By AndrewMfilms

And finally, here's another by FreddieW of the very famous Mario Kart. Very well done, if I do say so!

and one of his first, Real Life Portal Gun:

Speaking of Portal, here's a really nice short film

and finally:

Pokemon In Real Life

Here's a series by smosh for Pokemon. It explores the absurdity of games if they were in reality. There's like 4 different videos, go ahead and check them out. Here's the first:

Hope you found what you were looking for!
Tell me what you think, and share any other interesting videos you've seen in the comment section below!

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