Jul 9, 2012

Video Copilot's Element 3D

Raytraced 3D INSIDE After Effects? In REALTIME!? For $149?? NO WAY!!
Yes way, actually. With the introduction of extruded text and shapes in After Effects CS6, the crew over at Video Copilot introduce Element 3D. It's not out yet, but Andrew recently demonstrated the capabilities of Element and I must say it is AMAZING!!

Check out the demo video and the example of animation below that. It's ridiculous the power this plugin has!

I'm shocked by how much this plugin comes with, what it can do, especially considering its price tag! Definitely grabbing this as soon as it comes out :-D

There's lots more information on the Video Copilot site. Enjoy!!

Like? Hate? Opinion? Comment below will be appreciated!

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