Aug 17, 2012

i2c_Proximity - Coming Soon

I recently finished work on a project and I created a nice little preset that assisted me in animating a long list of stuff... Naturally, I'm going to share it with you.


It's yet another batch-animation preset that is based on positions of layers relative to another. (Transit is based on time). For example, if the layers came close to the middle of the comp, they'd scale up and get a bit more opaque (first video) or move slightly off to the side (second video).
As simple as that, but I think the possibilities are plenty!

The demos are with text, yes, but it's easy to change this out for anything...
Also, there'll be an update to Transit. Changed up UI, and a new feature that I think you'll love!

Updates soon. Keep a look out here, on Twitter or on Facebook for more information.


  1. I am waiting this preset. I know that i'll use it. I need it for a job, but due to the lack of time to create it, i did something else.
    I am waiting for it.

  2. Hey! It's available now in the updated Presets Pack. Get it here