Aug 2, 2012

Maxon announces Cinema4D R14

Maxon Computer announced a new version of their 3D-program Cinema 4D, Release 14.
Cinema4D is an easy-to-use application that lets artists achieve high-quality, realistic renders in no time at all. It's fans include mostly motion graphics artists (thanks to its MoGraph module), but it is quickly growing as an all rounder.

R13 added the Physical Renderer and a few workflow tweaks. R14 now comes with some AMAZING new tools, including Digital Sculpting (which can then be converted to displacement and normal maps), new Modelling tools, Integration with the Foundry's Nuke and faster render times with various tweaks to the renderer including GI and Caustics.

The list is long and features some amazing tools! Check out their announcement post here!
Or you could download the demo version and try it for yourself!

What's feature are you looking forward to most?
Leave a comment below! :)

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