Oct 13, 2012

BREAKDOWN | Legend 3D and Mocha in Spider-Man

Legend 3D is a stereo conversion and compositing company based in San Diego. They've worked on films like Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Hugo, Transformers and Puss in Boots.

Mocha is a planar tracking software. Most tracking software use point tracking, where they track a particular pixel (or set of pixels), where as planar tracking tracks a whole range of pixels. It becomes different because it can ignore objects that only partially cover the range chosen, and handles motion blur like it's not even there.
Planar tracking is powerful for tasks such as placing logos on billboards and tracking screens and displays, but can also be used for rotoscoping and other complex techniques (check out the Imagineer channel for more).
Mocha comes bundled with Adobe After Effects, but there is also a stand-alone version: Mocha Pro, which has a lot more features.

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