Feb 27, 2013

AE Expressions eBook Hits Over 5000 Reads!

After Effects Expressions Basics hits 5,000 reads today!
Thanks everyone for checking out the ebook! I'm glad it's really helping out a lot of people.

If you haven't gotten your hands on it yet, get it right here!

Thanks again!


  1. It is a great reference. I have been animating for a while, but never really tried to get into expressions because I didn't have much interest in anything resembling code. Once I finally decided to take the plunge, this became an excellent resource. Thank you for going to the trouble of putting it together!

  2. Great ebook !
    I highly recommend all beginners in the AE expression field read it.
    You'll find yourself starting feel a little more confidence.
    Easy to read and most important easy to understand.
    I feel lucky I found this great reference source.
    Come on beginners,we can do it.