Apr 5, 2013

After Effects CC to Come with FREE Cinema4D!

Adobe and Maxon recently made a strategic alliance, and this is the awesome product!
Just before NAB, Adobe announced new features we can expect to see in After Effects CS7 CC. Perhaps the biggest part of it being that it comes with a free version of Cinema4D Lite!

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UPDATE: Maxon have updated their site with a demo of Cinema4D and AE working together here

Images via digitalartsonline.co.uk

Here's a quick video from Adobe.tv explaining some of the new features:

Objects, cameras and other information will communicate between the two a lot like Dynamic Link does between Adobe products.
C4D Lite will come bundled with CS7, joining the planar-tracker Mocha to make a trio of epicness.
#Edit: The previous list was completely wrong. Here's what REALLY in C4D Lite according to Nick Campbell's FAQ post on greyscalegorilla:
  • GI and Physical Renderer is NOT included. 
  • Dynamics are NOT included. 
  • Polygon Modeling tools are NOT included. 
  • Hair is NOT included. 
  • C++ and Python is NOT included. This removes the ability for many plugins to work with C4D Lite.
  • Ambient Occlusion IS included.
  • All the Mograph Tools are NOT included. 
  • However, you can get a small set of Mograph tools if you register your version of Cinema 4D Lite. These Mograph tools include the Fracture Object, Plain Effector, and Random Effector. 

Don't fret, if you already bought C4D Studio, there will be a plugin to integrate the two.

What Does This Mean?

Let's take a look at some of the implications of having a powerful 3D program tied in:
  • You can use Camera Tracker to get a 3D matchmove real quick, throw it into C4D Lite and drop in your 3D animation. No intermediate render means you see results pretty fast with the background plate and color correction and other effects in After Effects.
  • Add in Mocha's planar tracker and possibilities multiply :-D
  • If you're only a basic 3D user, you will no longer have to buy a separate application!

CS7 will also come with a refined Roto-Brush and "Warp Stabilizer VFX".

Image via studiodaily.com

This whole thing makes me wonder though, with so much power, what is Maxon getting out of this giving away so many features, and will this mean the price of AE CS7 will be hiked up significantly? What's your take on all this? Let's talk about it in the comment section below!

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