Apr 11, 2015

Adobe CC 2015 Update

And it's awesome! Adobe are hard at work making their CC applications the best they can be and are probably gunning for the high-end industry, but they still have some ways to go.
At NAB, Adobe announced a new update coming, and uploaded a bunch of videos to their channel demonstrating the new features, including this nice summary:

I'm particularly impressed by the new Character animation tools and the live playback in AE. Face-tracking is also cool, but I probably won't use that very often, much like the mobile applications. Color Tools in Premiere was a long over-due update, although they have the dedicated grading application, SpeedGrade, this makes things a little easier for editors.

Media Encoder is rapidly growing into a powerful standalone application that's reduced my uses of AE's Render Queue. Almost everything I do comes out of Media Encoder.

Let's take a closer look at some interesting new features:

After Effects - Previews

This probably won't work with relatively heavy comps, obviously, but its pretty nice to have this. I would've appreciated the feature when I was looking for a specific look with Trapcode Particular's Turbulence system, but repeatedly RAM Previewing just so see how the particles move is pretty time-consuming.

Premiere Pro - Morph Cut

Editors, REJOICE!

We have all struggled with trying to remove small sections of the subject speaking without tossing in irrelevant B-Roll or the dreaded jump cuts. You ever watch an interview and there's a random fade with the subject in slightly different positions, but his voice was uninterrupted? Pretty distracting!

This is among the many updates that are slowly allowing editors to abandon After Effects for minor tasks, and focus completely on their Edit in Premiere, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. AE is a motion graphics application, editors shouldn't be forced to learn how it works just because they want to clean-up a jump-cut or stabilize a shot. Sure, dynamic link and a quick Youtube tutorial would have you going, but those are extra steps, RAM going to AE, waiting to render and so on.

Adobe Character Animator

I swooned a little when he said "expressions". Character Animator is a separate application that will use Photoshop and Illustrator files to automate animation in real-time! So you can control your characters limbs with a click and drag, use arrow keys and shortcuts to trigger events, physics, and best of all, use your webcam to control your characters movements. Eyes and all!
For a preview version, that's insane!

Those of us Motion Graphics Artists anxious about Character Animation, we don't have any excuse to jump in and try it out.
Pretty amazing how far technology has come. I wonder what these guys would have to say:

AE - Libraries Panel

Instant access to common files and information, as well as sharing information from Photoshop, that's pretty powerful.

Lately, Adobe has been working hard at making the Cloud more relevant, pushing Premiere Pro to be a one-stop-shop for editors, making AE powerful for visual effects and character animation, increasing the capabilities of Dynamic Link and pushing Media Encoder in our faces. It's a really good application, start using it if you aren't already.
I was hoping to hear of some bug fixes to Cineware and hopefully some optimizations to make it even faster, as much as Element 3D has most of it covered.

Creative Cloud has uploaded 14 videos relating to this update. Go to their Channel on Youtube to catch theme, and more.

What feature are you most excited about in this update? Let me know in the comments.

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