May 25, 2010


Hey everyone.
Every company/producer/such people seem to have some sort of logo going on when introducing something. So here's mine, created in After Effects. It's not very fancy but for a first logo I'm liking it. Maybe I'll change it, tweak it, I don't know. But all in due time:

Hope you like :-D

May 24, 2010

Project 02: Light Saber

Yea yea, I know, it's a cliche! But before you can become a full pro you need to start off re-creating cliche's then come up with your own ideas. George Lucas' Star Wars is such a brilliant thing that I'd do anything to feel even a bit like a Jedi. :-P

Idea 002: Light Saber Fight Scene
Date Conceived: 24/05/10

I hunted some Light Saber effects. Initially I thought of using the BEAM effect from After Effects but it doesn't glow as well as a light saber, and the movement wouldn't look so cool. I mean, it'd be like a flat piece of light, I'd need the trailing.
I fell upon Video Copilot, and along with a plugin Andrew Kramer created came a video on how to use it. Yay! So, for concept one, I'll use a simple, short clip to see how well I can do it.
Here I go!

May 23, 2010

Learning After Effects

There's the stuff you can teach yourself... then there's the stuff you gotta learn from someone. That is why I praise the internet, nowadays you can learn pretty much anything with little cash or even better, absolutely free!! It's amazing.

I've been running through various sites looking for some basic tuts for Adobe After Effects, but it's been so difficult coming by a tutorial that didn't involve some complex work with expressions and plugins. I know about working with keyframes from the days I used Macromedia Flash (before Adobe took it over) and working with various filters from Photoshop and all sorts of other apps.
Now, I wanted to learn what made After Effects what it is. The unique things it did and behind-the-scenes stuff that were... well... basic. It's like coming in to Photoshop from Paint. You know how to draw and use the paint bucket and shapes, and you can basically learn about the gradient tool, filters and so on.

But what about the stuff you can't teach yourself. Like Vanishing Points? Liquify? Pen tool? RAW Importer? Photomerge?

I found a site dedicated to After Effects that's on the same network as my Photoshop tut and inspiration site: Photoshop Tuts Plus ( The After Effects site being
They had a link to 'BASIX' in the sidebar, but those things were far from basic.

Then I found Video Co-Pilot ( This really cool site is dedicated to After Effects and has tuts from super simple to really complex. Exactly what I was looking for. In fact, they have a 10-step basix programs that covers pretty much everything and anything I might need to know in order to successfully work through their tutorials :-D Awesomeness.

So, part 4 of 10, I'm hoping to complete this thing by tomorrow evening. :-D

May 22, 2010


I like to personalize my stuff, a lot! As part of my little design habits, I created an icon for my 160GB External hard drive:

It's a pretty easy process, though it'll take some hunting for an app that'll convert your final image to .ico format. Create an image in 64x64 dimensions, or 128x128. I used the former. I created this one above by creating a font with '160', squeezed the letters together by tweaking the "character spacing", then drew a red rounded rectangle and placed it at an appropriate position then selected the 160 and applied it to the rectangle as a mask. Layer styles Drop Shadow and Gradient did the rest.

I then used GIMP in Ubuntu to convert the final PNG file to ICO.

Next, I created an autorun.inf file. It's a file that tells windows what to do when you plug something in, or insert a CD. Windows checks the autorun.inf for definitions, such as the device's name if available, any special software it has and so on. It's the one that makes the computer attempt to install something when you plug certain modems.

I went into notepad and typed this:


Da160.ico naturally being the filename of the icon. I then saved as autorun.inf in the root folder along with da160.ico.

For more info on how to use the autorun.inf file, you can get some cool info from here:

May 21, 2010

Digital Bubble Wallpaper

New site, new wallpaper. Check it!

I used some classic techniques :-D

Photo Inspiration - Marcus "Uncommon" Claesson

There's tons of awesome, creative people out there! Some are amazing, some get me inspired, others just annoy me and make me feel small.
One of the many people that never fail to get me out there and shooting is a man who goes by the name of Marcus Claesson from Sweden, better known as "Uncommon". Unfortunately, he doesn't want his stuff going around all over the web, so just check out his Photostream on Flickr!

Uncommon on Flickr

Project 01: Floating Windows [SUSPENDED]

Idea 01: Floating Windows
Date Conceived: 18/5/10

Yep, it's a wrap. With my inability to get my hands on a descent camera, there's little to nothing I can do now other than mess around with concepts with my phone's camera, the quality is horrible, I can't live knowing I willingly did that.

Status: Suspended


May 20, 2010

Digital Bubble

Digital Bubble: Bringing you all things tech!

Digital Bubble (@ is a site that gives info on anything tech. Photoshop, Web design, web news, gaming reviews, software reviews, hardware solutions and so on. If you're looking to be up to date with tech info, this is the place to bookmark or subscribe to RSS!

I'm an author at the site, along with a whole bunch of very cool, very experienced people who know all sorts of things. We have Craig Snedeker from Snedeker Designs, DilKosher from Digikit and many other great writers from everywhere. So stop by and check it out, drop a comment :-D

May 19, 2010

Promotional Wallpaper

It's officially a habit.

Aside from creating the page layout, I like to create wallpapers so I can have it to remind me of what I'm doing and for friends to show off to others. Though it isn't in distribution yet. Here it is at 1280x800 resolution:

(click to view larger and download)

:-D I like.

As for Project 01: Floating Windows, I'm still having problems getting a camera, but my concepts are based on images taken on my phone. I'm just thinking I'll make a prototype video with my phone's horrid VGA 14fps camera :-S

Writing Tutorials

It's fun making tutorials, I must admit. Though most of the time I find it difficult to create an image after every single step, especially when working with Hi-Res images, that's a lot of space on my hard-drive. No, I can't just resize them, coz that'd mean every time I go Image > Image Size > OK > Save As... > JPEG > Undo

My major issue comes in with the undo part, and when working with smaller images compared to larger ones... well the filters apply differently and everything becomes relative and pixel-y. Which is very irritating when my History states go way past the point where I can undo the resize.


Oh well, I got an interesting application by the name of Screen Recorder Gold, which is exactly that, a screen recorder. It lets me select a section of my screen and it is recorded into AVI format. Cool! So, i'm considering starting up video tutorials... hmm....

Thanks for stopping by.

May 18, 2010

Project 1: Floating Windows - Concept 1

Idea 001: Floating Windows
Date Conceived: 18/05/10

So I've done one concept image. Here it is:

I faced a few issues here: It's difficult to determine how the plane should look, and working on 2 dimensions to make 3 dimensions can be troublesome. I managed to get the windows XP screenshot (left) and the image (far right) to fit relatively well, however the Ubuntu screenshot (right) looks a bit off. The frames were also rather easy to place. I added some Outer Glow to make the images look less edgy.

Anyway, for now it's looking okay. So far so good. I'm thinking I should try using Vanishing Points.

As for when I come to After Effects, I'm assuming that I should try re-create a 3D world around myself and try to simulate the camera movement, however I'm not very good with judging distances, but I'll see what I can do!

Project 01: Floating Windows

I just got back from watching Iron Man 2. Nice movie. Some boring fights but it was cool!

Most of all, I loved Tony Stark's computers and the way in his lab stuff is holographic and floats in front of him. I'm not looking to make something exactly the same, my skills are not that good, but I want to bring the whole "popping out of the screen" effect... how can I explain... like I drag a window out of the screen and it floats in front of me. This should be fun.

Idea 01: Floating Windows
Date: 18/05/10

So, it's set. No estimated date of completion, there are too many variables. I gotta get my hands on a camera first. I'll obviously be using After Effects for this, so I'll have to learn some sort of tracking for camera movement so my work isn't jumpy, and see how I can get stuff to look realistically 3 dimensional.
This should be fun!

But first, concepts and research. For step one, I'll mess around in Photoshop with some pictures and see what I can make to get the basic idea of what I'll be dealing with.


Site Layout

As per every new site/page I create, I work on the layout myself. I set the minimalist style from the default set and messed around in the "Edit HTML" page.

In the process, I'm working on hooking up the "Facebook Connect" feature I recently learnt about so that non-blogspot users can post comments using their Facebook accounts. Naturally, anything posted here will appear on your wall with a link back here. Though since the recent drama about Facebook and security I fear that people may be led away rather than in.

I'm still debating!


Hey everyone, welcome to my new blog: Ideas into Creations!

I'm gonna be going through my design process and how stuff evolves as I do, and in the process, I'll be posting up one idea and the workflow continues until the final creation. You'll find tutorials, tips and tricks, tech stories and just plain fun stories from who knows where!

Thanks for stopping by, and don't hesitate to subscribe to my RSS!