Jun 28, 2010


I like reading books. They're really a great experience as compared to watching a movie. It's especially sad that movie adaptations of books are usually more like a summary of a book. I loved the Da Vinci Code, but according to my Dan Brown fan friends, the movie had taken out 2 other twisty-crack-password-scroll-inside thingies and that some scenes were modified to be more dramatic. I felt the same when I watched the first Harry Potter (when I was still loyal to the books). Though I noticed one thing is that there's no point in watching the movie of a book because you'll already know what's gonna happen, esp considering how expensive things have become these days.
Anyway, I was randomly surfing and I found some sites that let you read books online. Then I stumbled upon Google Books.
It's shocking the stuff Google offers but never really advertise or redirect you from anywhere. Google Books has various free to read books and magazines. I found lots of Popular Mechanics magazines, though the most recent is 2005. Let's see what else I can find...

Jun 16, 2010

Business Card

Eventually, you'll need a business card. Better to start early.

It seems lately I've been getting really serious with this design thing. Videos really got me psyched up especially after I helped MgO Productions direct that one music video for Speedy G. He actually has a business card (he did it undercover without telling anyone) and during the Worlds Collide event I was the photographer and I found myself in the situation where people are asking for ways to contact me and I have to take a pause from the photography to share my details, which sucks because I missed some good shots. Either way, it would've been much easier if I could just pull out a card and get back to my work.

So the design process begins. I'm not putting this down as a project because it's something quick and I already have a few designs in the works.
I've made one background wallpaper (1280x800) for my computer that's like an 'advert' (again!)

I'm thinking about going the MINIMAL method, still deciding...

Jun 14, 2010

Project 03: Fight Scene - Test Shot 01

So on Saturday we shot the test for the fight scene. I got the camera, I got the tripod and I got the quality. I've been editing since last night, which is about 3 hours or so on the computer working on it, and I must say I'm quite impressed with the outcome.
Please remember, this work is covered under a Creative Commons Licence, basically, all rights reserved!

Jun 12, 2010

Project 03: Fight Scene - Concept 1

So, here's the video for the first concept. Once again due to "budget cuts" this was taken with my phone, and also the fact that I couldn't sleep until I did this. So, at that, it's going to be dark, rather unclear and low frame-rate. I know, sucks, but when it's a concept it's allowed... at least I like to think so.

fighting myself concept 1 - davdalx - 2010 (c) all rights reserved
I found a few problems while making this:
1. Masking this one was relatively easy, so it's not that bad, though the shadows cast on the wardrobe makes things difficult for nothing. Feathering really helped so this shouldn't be a problem.

2. Timing is crucial. You can see in the last bit that I react to the stab a bit late, about a split-second but you can see it. I'm thinking of recording the steps as a sound-clip on my phone and play them back as I move around to keep me in sync, like I did for my "talking-to-myself" video for my friend.

I learned something new here: Phone videos aren't so bad. In fact, I think I'll be working with them for concepts. "Why the hell would you do that?" you ask... well, because of it's low frame-size of 352 x 288 px, rendering is super-quick, 14fps (which is half the usual) means it's quicker to finish the project and less frames to edit in a specific time. Though the quality is hard to work with, motion tracking is out of the question.

Oh and awesome point, I just realized that since I only have 2 sawed-off golf sticks, I can have one of the characters using both!!

So far so good!

Jun 11, 2010

Project 03: Fight Scene

So, finally here it is. My plan for a fight scene. It's been disturbing me for the last few days and I couldn't take it anymore. So here it is, the plan to create a fight scene.

Idea 03: Hectic Fight Scene
Date Conceived: 11/06/2010

I'm still deciding whether or not to make this a basic fight or include light sabers. The main issue with the latter is that it'll add a full day of post-processing to the final product as I add sound effects and the actual sabers. Anyway, as I continue my planning phase, I'll decide.

So for now I'm just going through the choreography. For this idea, timing is essential. I'm sure I can get this right since it isn't the first time I'm doing this, but I'm looking to pull a few Bleach stunts... you know, the one the guy blinks for a split-second too long and finds the enemy is behind him, and the enemy goes like "Too slow!" A swish!
So it begins. Keep an eye here to see the workflow, and every little bugger I'll go through in the process.

What I'll need for this!?
1. Weapons. I'm using some old sawed-off golf-sticks. Good grip and can pass off as a sword (at least for a split-second before one realizes it doesn't have a sharp edge).

2. A tripod. I'll need a stable shot if I'm going to add any effects. I can add some shake later in After Effects.

3. A proper camera. Phones aren't allowed this time. We need smooth 30fps, though in standard format (720x480).

4. Camera man. Someone to man the camera, obviously I'll take my good buddy from MgO, and his camera as well. :-D

So here we go!!

Jun 8, 2010

Work in Progress

So, we've started our video projects.
Teaming up with MgO Productions, Feel the Void has started producing the videos. We have 3 so far and 3 in the works. Actually, there's always one more in the works every day, but working with people schedules makes things difficult. Anyway, there's a trailer, a stop-motion, some ridiculous and funny videos, a fight and a movie. The ridiculous and funny videos come out once a day, pretty much, but we have a schedule for releasing them when we start making ourselves public.

It's fun working with all the friends to make these creations. The creative, the funny and the downright randomness that we all have really helps us push things along and develop ideas into proper creations.

So watch this space, ladies and gentlemen. Soon we'll be rolling out the red carpet for our premier and don't miss out as we may decide to release a DVD with our content.



Jun 4, 2010

Feel the Void - Take the Left

For our debut as Feel the Void, Shuria and I are creating a whole bunch of short videos and one short movie (about 20min). The story so far is in its writing stage so it's still going to be a while before we can give a release date.

While the story for the movie is being written, we've been working on the shorts. Here's a preview for one of the many videos you can expect from us soon:

Yea, it's a voice-over thing!

We've been collaborating with MgO Productions and lots of friends to pull this off. Hopefully by next month we should have enough to keep the masses entertained!

Watch this space!!! :-D

Project 02: Light Saber

So I finally managed to upload the Light Saber video.

A good 2.5 hours of work on a 10-second video.
Taken with my W595's VGA, 14fps video camera, so the quality is rather low. I used some sawed-off golf sticks that I had used for the fight scene video with the intern! (coming soon)
I don't have any intentions of doing this again any time soon, it's extremely time consuming, though I do see a fight scene coming... eventually... well, enjoy!

Criticism will be greatly appreciated. Be brutal!!!

Jun 2, 2010

Google Yourself!!

I was reading an article in the newspaper a while back. Apparently nowadays when you apply for a job somewhere your future employer will run through your CV and then Google you!!


The things they would probably find on most people. There's those that haven't set up proper Facebook privacy settings will have their future employers looking at their profile, pictures and/or wall. So you can imagine what they would think when your CV is very professional, you are over-qualified for the job and then they find this on your wall:

or this:

Yea, needless to say, that job is not exactly going to you... actually, not at all. Considering a company with a good rep there's no way you'd land that one.
So anyways, I took it to myself to Google myself, and I must say the results were shocking. Aside from my Flickr and my Behance and my Twitter and Facebook, I got some results from other places. StumbleUpon, DigitalBubble.net... GASP!!
Even this page came up, since my name is at the bottom of each page. I got the stuff from random sites I joined just so I could download something (though those were among the last last sites mixed with Davud Alexander's stuff, whoever that is).

When people said the world has access to what you post on the net, you don't seem to realize that the WORLD has access to it. That random guy in Kuwait, that agent from US, the girl next door... your future employer... It's something to consider before we decide to post our whole lives on some blog, or at least do so without using our whole/real names. I know a few guys who've posted lots of potentially incriminating stuff but have used special email addresses and ensure not to post any links or anything of the sort that could reveal their true identities.

I think that's too much of a process. How about I just don't do it at all, and just talk about stuff that if anything would probably improve my chances of getting that job when I'm Googled!

(thinking about it, this post just might get me in trouble)

Anyways, thanx for reading.

Images from the very awesome Failbook.com Please check it out!!

Flash! Awesomeness!

What's up!

Yesterday I was messing around on Miniclip, the flash games site, and I couldn't help but appreciate the work people put into their projects and games. My fellow Feel the Void pal was asking me why people would spend hours to days to months working on stuff in Flash only to submit it for free... I obviously answered "Coz it gives you exposure", but I didn't understand that until a few minutes ago.

For example, characters like Egoraptor (the infamous Flash animator from Newgrounds) got jobs at Mtv and voicing games and what from his Awesome series on Newgrounds. It gave him exposure, showed his voice skills and purely awesome creativity and he got recognized for it, which is totally awesome.
You can read all about it on his page (http://www.egoraptor.net)


I appreciate the work people put into it. I was playing Robokill on Miniclip and was surprised by just how much work is put into it. Bullet ricochets, impact effects, sound effects, physics... exactly how is it that health bars for enemies work? I was told that formulas usually control stuff but does it mean that the Flash system is told that whenever he clicks, play an animation of a beam being shot, whenever that meets the NPC/enemy, take the health bar down by this number, when it reaches zero, play this explosion animation.
That doesn't sound like something simple. After seeing how HTML and JavaScript and PHP work to give us the Facebook look and so on, it's not so simple.

So those who put their time out to create this amazing works, I applaud your skills and creativity and patience! Brilliant.

You can see a whole lot of Flash stuff on these sites dedicated to Flash, FREE! Pay them a visit:
Newgrounds - Movies, Series and Games
Miniclip - Dedicated to Games
Mousebreaker - Games
Stick Games - Short Games
Crazy Monkey Games - Some really cool, complex games!

Maybe I should try it out...... hmm....

Jun 1, 2010

Random Find - Zombie Harmony

I was running around StumbleUpon and I found this internet page for Zombie dating called Zombie Harmony! Too funny!
Check it out:


Before you finish laughing/scolding and close the page, scroll down and check the sidebar and the content. There's a cool HTML code to add to your site to advertise:
I found a date through zombie harmony - one of the best free dating sites for zombies
Created by Mingle2.com (Dating for non-zombies)

I dunno about you but I found this very funny. It's interesting the creativity that comes out of people and the things they'll do just to display it to the world.

Comments on Ideas to Creations


So I've decided not to include the Facebook account linking thing. If you hadn't read, I mentioned earlier that I was thinking about adding the "Comment-and-Like-with-your-facebook-account" thing.

I realized that even I feel uncomfortable commenting somewhere with my FB account. Who knows what the site you're about to post it on has access to, and it's not that I would steal your info but I'm also not sure of what Blogger/Blogspot may be able to do. Seeing as fb has been having security issues lately, I'd rather not.

So anyways, I'll leave it as an open comment thing so you can comment as you like with you email address/name then the comment.

Don't fret, your email address is in safe hands. It won't be distributed to any company, shown to anyone or anything that I wouldn't like happening to me either.

Thanx for reading!

Video Inspiration - Freddie Wong

Lately, movies have been bringing out a crap load of... well... crap! Every action movie seems to be the same these days. The style and all. The good old Jackie Chan movies and his early days in Hollywood were real signs of just what an action fight scene should be like.

Anyway, that's only about the first video created by this guy I found via Video Co-Pilot. "Freddie Wong". He made a very cool action video, but that's not the only great thing he's been making. What's funny is that he's such an ordinary guy but pulls off some really hectic stuff. Check out some of his cool stuff, and subscribe to his awesome channel on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/freddiew

Check out his channel for more!!

Project 02: Light Saber - Complete

After 2 and a half hours on After Effects, I finally completed my Light Saber project. Actually, I finished it a while ago, but youtube isn't being cooperative to the upload. I mean, the file is only 624KB but for some reason it won't be taken.

Anyway, Feel the Void is working on a new project, featuring MgO Productions. More news coming