Jan 27, 2011

Sound Designer/Composer Wanted {{CLOSED}}


What's happening, guys?

Feel the Void is constantly experimenting, constantly pushing the bounds and constantly having fun.

We've worked with some fun people and cool friends, and now Feel the Void would like to enhance their productions with awesome sounds.

To that effect, we're looking for a Sound Designer or Composer to assist in creating soundtracks and also for working the sound effects and anything related to sound. Though I'd like to point out that it's not necessarily the only thing they'd do. We need someone who mainly does sound but every now and then could man the camera or do something on other programs et cetera.

Requirements? Reasonable knowledge in any music/sound production program, willing to join us in crazy and fun experiments and help build our styles, and yours too!
We're also taking international artists for collaborations :-D

If you're interested (why wouldn't you be?) please send your info and application to mailthevoid [at] gmail {dot} com. Please include your current location.
If possible, include links to work online and we'll check it out and holla back at you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to working with you!

Feel the Void

Jan 26, 2011

{test_reel} Holographic 2 + Breakdown

Hey guys!
So recently I've been on the buzz of Holographic stuff. If you've seen my first holographic video you'd know what I'm talking about. So here is the second attempt, this time I went for a more handheld style:

[click the title for info on how this was done]

Jan 23, 2011


Hey everyone! I know i haven't been on in a while but i've got some stuff i need to sort out. So please hook up on my twitter for short updates @davdalx while i resolve stuff. Should be back by next week. Cheers

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Jan 17, 2011

53 - February

Hey what's up guys!!
53 has been good so far! We've gotten some submissions and it's only week 3.

We've gotten comfortable in January, now let's make February a bit more interesting.
This Feb is dedicated to its most significant day (at least to some of us): Valentine's Day!

So let's dedicate our submissions to Valentines! Love, hearts, pink, flowers, poetry... whatever it is, let's see it!

Looking forward to seeing your submissions!


Jan 7, 2011

Interesting Expressions - After Effects Tip

Hey guys!
I thought today I'd post something up about After Effects.

Lately, I've fallen in love with expressions, their huge life-savers. Some replace your everyday keyframes, others cause indefinite automation, other methods link two controls together and others are just plain cool!

2 of 53

It's the second Saturday of 2011, therefore, 2 of 53.

Check out this week's image:

Created using frames from the stop-motion fight parody! More info on that soon enough.

53 weeks.
53 works of art.


Jan 3, 2011

1 of 53

So here's my first work in 53 "Frog":

See it on Flickr

53 weeks.
53 works of art.