Oct 29, 2011

C4D - Bouncing Lights with GI

Hello people!
So here's a first, a Cinema4D post.
Lately I've really been toying around in C4D. I'm sure you remember Abstraction.
Anyway, yesterday I was messing around with GI and trying to find a solution to the 'dirty' renders, as well as how to get descent lighting from a single light-source.
The results were interesting...

Oct 12, 2011

i2c PRESETS PACK out now!

Today marks the day that the i2c Presets Pack comes out. After a long wait and over-anticipation, the 6 presets for AfterEffects are now available to you.
Check out the official download page and get on it! It's totally free, but sadly only for CS5 and above. Older versions will get it very very soon!

If you like the presets, do stop by here again and let me know what you think. There's also contact info in the doc so you can report bugs, stuff that doesn't work and every other concern/compliment.

Thanks and enjoy!

Oh and I'd like to thank all the betatesters who took the time to check them out and bear with my constant updates and so on. Thank you very much. Thanks to them, lots of bugs were fixed, code was fixed and new features were added even before release.

PROBLEM? Visit this section of the Forum and we'll sort it out!

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