TUTORIAL | Fix Canon EOS Utility Issue in Windows 8

Having issues using your EOS Utility application on Windows 8? Here's the solution.

I use a Canon EOS 650D and whenever I connected it to my Windows 8 PC (x64), EOS Utility would not pick up on it and all options would remain grayed out and disabled. This problem is also reported on the EOS 7D and 5D.

To fix this problem is pretty simple.

  • On the next page, check out the numbered links below for news on your camera. Might find something important. I just learnt there's a problem with 650D's producing a white irritating substance on the grip over time, luckily their check system said my camera is not affected.
  • Click on "Downloads" at the top.
  • Select "Software (drivers and applications)", your operating system and select a language.
  • Down below, you'll find "EOS Utility 2.12.3" (at least, at the time of this post, it may be higher).
  • Read the disclaimer, then click "Accept & Download" if you accept. The download will begin.
  • Install the program as you would any other program. If you already have a previous version of EOS Utility, you can proceed with installing and it will update.
  • Enjoy using your EOS Utility!
  • Remember to check back every few months for new updates to the software.
The real problem was that the previous versions of EOS Utility are not compatible with Windows 8. Since the software on the disk was written before Windows 8 came out, you'll have to download directly from Canon.

Enjoy :-D


  1. thank you for this! I was about to curse Eos Utility - Canon for this!... Thanks again! big help!

  2. Thanks Dear! God bless you.

  3. my canon 400d is not reconized by win8

  4. Try uninstalling EOS utility, unplug your camera, restart your computer.
    Then, re-install the new EOS Utility. Restart again to be sure ;)
    I hope it works.

  5. You're welcome! Now get out there and shoot :D

  6. You're welcome! Enjoy your camera :D

  7. Great! Thanks man!

  8. same problem as lalit arya i have a a 470 powershot camera

  9. tnx alot man. you helped me also with my d60

  10. There's no updater for my 350D. So i installed the updater for 650D to replace my original 350D software. Works perfect!
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Powershot... I dont know if they use the same software though. Check the support page here: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/digital_cameras/powershot_a_series/powershot_a470_gray#DriversAndSoftware

  12. Great! Feel free to share anything :D

  13. Amnash Abdul BasheerApril 22, 2014 at 9:36 AM

    Thank, a lot... it's working 100%

  14. Just got a new 70D to replace aged 350D and the EOS utility kept hanging, before I could download any images. I tried uninstalling and re-installing (with restarts) but without success.
    Then I tried a low-level format of the SD memory card. And hey-presto it all works ok now. I have no idea why, but it worked for me.


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