Apr 19, 2013

AE Quick Tip 03 | Comp and Layer Markers

Here's another quick tip on adding markers to compositions and layers. Very useful for future reference.

Apr 5, 2013

After Effects CC to Come with FREE Cinema4D!

Adobe and Maxon recently made a strategic alliance, and this is the awesome product!
Just before NAB, Adobe announced new features we can expect to see in After Effects CS7 CC. Perhaps the biggest part of it being that it comes with a free version of Cinema4D Lite!

Click the title to read the full story, and screenshots!

UPDATE: Maxon have updated their site with a demo of Cinema4D and AE working together here

Images via digitalartsonline.co.uk

Apr 4, 2013

AE Tip 02 | Change Default Render Queue Output Module

The Lossless output module that's default in After Effects leads to some REALLY huge files. Here's a quick tip on how to change that default to your own preset. I personally prefer Quicktime or High-bitrate FLV as my default render setting.

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AE TIP 01 | Using Dingbat Characters

Welcome to AE Tips. In this series I'll be explaining some very useful techniques when working with After Effects. You guys liked them on Twitter, now they come in quick videos.
In this episode, we'll look at how to use dingbat fonts like Wingdings and Webdings to get the vector characters you're looking for.

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