Nov 30, 2010

Upcoming Tutorial - Buttons

I'm currently working on a video tutorial on how to create some cool 3D buttons for general use with Photoshop. Here's a preview of what the final will look like, and while you're looking at it please tell me... what process would you take to reproduce this? Or, what process could I have take to produce this? Any ideas you may have would be appreciated in the comments section.

Layer Styles - Quick Tip

Layers make Photoshop what it is, and learning and mastering them really helps artists get that edge and create flexible creations.
Layer Styles are perhaps the next step. Welcome to this Photoshop tut on how to use Layer Styles.

Nov 22, 2010

Project Green Screen

At some stage in video editing, you'll want a green screen. Then, a time will come when masking and rotoscoping isn't as fun anymore, so you'll NEED a green screen.

Nov 19, 2010

{test_reel} Holographic

Check out the first video launching test reel here:

Leave comments and feedback below or on the actual Youtube page.


Renew! Renew!

It's been a long time going on Photoshop! 3 years, I think it's been, and I've had lots of fun!

I've gone through many serial experiments: colorize.stylize.hypnotize then moved forward to the newer age: Seeing is Believing, 255RGB
, Forgery, Manipulation, SiB (Seeing is Believing 2), intensify, [color_me] and other small side-projects.

Seeing is Believing

Basically, my Photoshop Projects folder is getting pretty crowded... very crowded actually. And now the red gem in my palm is blinking, that time has come!

So, I'm thinking of renewing my Photoshop experience. I'll move all my old folders into my external HDD, or another location on my computer, and begin a whole new Photoshop Projects folder, which will include my new Type & Minimalism series, cmyk, Feel the Void and more series to come in the future.

Expect new stuff, new styles and lots more experimentation in this new venture into Photoshop.

See you soon.

(btw, the title is a pun on Logan's Run)

Nov 18, 2010

System Maintenance

So I'm rocking a HP Pavilion laptop. Nothing too fancy (it was when I bought it) but it rocks 3GB of RAM, a pretty good graphics card and an AMD processor...and Windows 7...

But gosh-darn-it! This dang thing keeps on overheating and if you own one of these I'm sure you suffer the same problem. Heck, even just rocking Firefox or watching a movie this thing would burn! So I took the time to go online and try hunt down a solution for my problem.

So with some of my experience on comps, I figured it had something to do with lack of memory, so I ran my usual stuff: Disk Cleanup, deleting pointless files I don't need anymore (especially footage that I used to use for After Effects), then remove unwanted programs and applications, chkdsk on Command Prompt then finally Disk Defragmentation.

I found this interesting one on addictivetips.
Very interesting stuff (though read the ENTIRE post before actually trying any of the suggestions). Alternatively there's these software that help out with tweaking and optimization. I got myself Windows 7 Manager (found it online somewhere) and it helped. Cleanup Registry and defrag it, delete pointless files like empty folders and thumbs.db in folders you don't visit anymore. There's lots of stuff to do and these guys really help out.

If you know any other cool system maintenance applications and ways to help out your app, drop a comment below!


I've been doing tons of experimentation on After Effects in the last few weeks. Photoshop hasn't seen as much as me now that it has to share time with AE, but hey they're also working together so it's a great way to work.

So, as per experimentation goes, I've really been messing around and to sort of help me build my techniques and such I'll be uploading my experimental videos for you to comment and give me your feedback. Be it possible improvements, ideas to make it look better and so on.

Hey, you might even get a chance to see future videos in the making :-D Also, I think I'll throw in some quick tips near the end for something I learned during the process that could help you out a bit. If you liked and follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed StopMotion test (the one I'm messing around in my bedroom with my laptop) or Gun test (me again :-D), then you get the basic idea of how (test_reel) works. But this time, we want to make it proper and add some zing to it.
There are no real rules to the work, but we'll be going all out on these to ensure that our final products are... well... as professional as possible!

The videos will be uploaded either on Youtube (via my deathzaccent profile) or on Facebook (either as a link to the Youtube video or on videos tab. Really depends on my Internet connection).

Stay tuned for much much more!
Thanks for reading.

Nov 17, 2010

New Buttons

... or rather image links, since there's no roll-over animation...
I added some new links to the top just below the I2C logo. They'll link you to my Twitter, the Feel the Void page and the Inspiration tag on my Delicious to really psyche you guys up. Check it out and let me know what you think!!

I created the images in Photoshop (using rounded rectangle and some layer masks and text and images) and saved as PNG to save the transparency, then for the coding here's how it works, as per the overnight lessons I took on basic HTML on w3schools:

< a href="http://targetlink" target="_blank">< img src = "http://imagelink" title="string" alt="string />
 Basically, the href= is where you put the target of the link, target="_blank" makes it open in a new tab. Then img src is the link of the image to be used, title is what shows as a tooltip when the user holds the mous over the link, alt is what would replace the image if it doesn't load.  End with

Happy linking!

Nov 10, 2010

First Video Tutorial - Mist

Hosted on The Digital Bubble, here's my first Photoshop video tutorial. Check it out:

Any questions and/or queries... comment section!

Nov 8, 2010

Gradients, Blending Modes and Adjustments

So I was messing around on Photoshop while creating my portfolio, which is gonna be awesome btw, and I stumbled upon an interesting technique. Try figure out how I pulled it off:

Any idea?
If you thought the title of this post, you're right!

I have this technique where I use about 3 levels of Threshold to create a comic effect (as per my tutorial on Digital Bubble) and some sort of drawn style. During Experimental Week, I realized that the same can be achieved using Posterize set to 3 levels, a Curves adjustment to control the sizes of the levels, and a Hue/Sat to remove the color :-S
Just like in my Just Remember post... lol

Anyway, I wondered "What else can Posterize do?"
Well, quite a bit more. Coupled with the Gradient tool, some layers and Blending Mode play, and as always a Gradient Map to top it all off, it created the "circular" and "shapes & colors" designs. (I actually used the same Gradient for the map (laziness))

Drop by soon for more info on how I pulled this off, though I'm quite sure you already know how it was done...

Also, I gained a liking for Trebuchet! It's lovely!!


Nov 3, 2010

davdalx presents Scan Beta for After Effects

Or rather, I present it for BETA testing.

SCAN is an After Effects preset that let's you create a scan effect, and it has quite a number of controls. Before downloading, check it:
1. It's registered on Creative Commons! Loser :-P CC BY NC SA
2. Try push it and find some errors!!

Here it is at work in a quick demo:

In this ZIP you'll find:
1. The After Effects preset
2. A demo video
3. The AEP of the demo video
4. A Readme (that you should read to understand how to use it)

I've done the best I can to get rid of bugs, and trust me it shouldn't crash AE, but to be safe work with only one instance per layer (it won't work otherwise anyway but just to be safe).

Get it here: Scan Beta for After Effects (works with any version)

To get it working, just copy the file to Documents > Adobe > Adobe After Effects > User Presets
When you run AE it'll be in the Effects & Presets panel.

Enjoy!! Let me know what you'll pull off with this and any error you get either here as a comment or on my twitter @davdalx (link above).

EDIT: If you're having issues with render speeds, go to the Back/Foward edge and set down the Feather and/or disable the Glow.