Dec 24, 2010

Radial - After Effects Preset

Hey guys!
So I was thinking about my previous preset "Scan" and suddenly thought: "What if someone wanted to create a Radar-style scan?"
Well, that wouldn't be easy (unless you used the linear one with lots of tweaks), so I thought I'd create a whole new preset.

Ladies and gentlemen. Radial Scan!


  • Animates automatically clockwise with Revolutions per Second setting and Reverse Direction setting to make it turn anti-clockwise. Animation can also be turned off so you can animate it's rotation yourself.
  • Offset control to make duplicates work together or look different from the initial start point.
  • Set any color, control Feather and 4 different styles with many editable controls.
  • Control the Coverage out of a full circle of the scan.
  • Change the thickness and make it anything Radial. It doesn't have to be a scan.
  • Works with layers with alpha (transparency). Can preserve transparency or take full size of comp.
  • Functions in any version of AE.
It took about an hour to construct and works mostly off of concepts from Linear Scan (as I shall call the previous version now).

The best example of the application of Radial Scan is in Andrew Kramer's tutorial "Futuristic HUD" in creating the "Targets" that circle around the eye. Radial can be used to quickly construct these without the need of creating masks.

Do check out the tutorial, and if you'd like to check out Radial Scan, holla and I'll hook up a download link.

Enjoy yourselves!

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