Feb 17, 2011

Long Time Exposure

So a while back I did a post on taking streaking lights and recently I got an interesting idea... but first, let me explain how I got it!

When we was doing the fight parody video, which worked quite well but we had issues with planning, we were using a tripod and an unevenly lit room. So I was feeling cool and set the camera to "M" (manual), and I was messing around with the aperture.
I set the f number to something like f-29 (I think) and with the standard shutter of 1/15, the image came out BLACK!
So, I immediately learnt that I didn't know as much about aperture as I thought (I always figured it was a depth-of-field thing and it didn't affect light that much), so you can imagine the shock I got.

So, I got to thinking:
For a long exposure shot, could I set the ISO to 100, set the aperture, or rather the f-number, to as high a value as possible, and then use BULB to shoot some excessively long exposures?

Well, let's say it did come to be true! It worked out great, I'll have the photos up soon, but it was an interesting realization. I was, however, going through Cambridge in Colour and I found this interesting article about using large f-numbers! Check it out here:

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