VIDEO: Abstraction

Hey guys!
I present "Abstraction":

This was done in Cinema4D. Click the title for more info.

I love MoGraph! Effectors did all the work here!
Secondly, working with 6 cameras, and some didn't make the final cut. Here's some screenshots of the hectic project file:

so... many...lines!!!

You can see the effector's range as it comes in

Objects Panel.
The numbers at the end of the camera names are the frames where they're effective,
my system of keeping track of things.

I used two lights set to "Inverse Volumetric" and placed INSIDE the sphere to add that glow effect. (White lines).
Rendered each camera, cut up the shots in AE and threw in some color correction and used RE:vision's Real Smart Motion Blur to add that extra oomph!

oh and incase you didn't notice, that's INTERFERE at the beginning and end XD

Finally, soundtrack from "Atmosphere and Soundscape 2" by ERH on

Hope you liked it! Leave a comment below and let me know!
Tutorial on Request

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