Sep 20, 2012

i2c Presets Pack 2.0 Out Now!

Ideas to Creations Presets Pack 2.0 is now available!
Get it on the Presets Pack page. 
Download link at the bottom.

Updated UIs with pseudo effects, updated defaults and new presets! Lots to look forward to :D
I'm very proud of the changes made to INTERFERE, and I think you'll love it.
i2c_LIGHTER is in beta.

Change log v1.2 to 2.0

  • Added "i2c_TRANSIT"
  • Added "i2c_PROXIMITY"
  • Added "i2c_LIGHTER"
  • Added "CC Particle World Parent to Layer"
  • Includes "PresetEffects.xml" file for better control.
  • INTERFERE: Unified effect control, eliminating the modular workflow.
  • INTERFERE: Added BLUR and SYNC functions.
  • INTERFERE: Individual functions now have "Amount" control.
  • INTERFERE: No longer comes with pre-set keyframes
  • INTERFERE: Added "No Color Coding" checkbox to disable naming convention.
  • INTERFERE: Defaults modified.
  • INTERFERE: Added "INTERFERE_PRESETS" folder with pre-made effects for Adjustment Layers.
  • INTERFERE: Added "INTERFERE_CameraControl" for use to add Camera Shake.
  • TRANSIT: Added "TRANSIT properties" t to animate layers between IN and OUT.
  • LAG: Unified controls.
  • LAG: Added "Relative Position" checkbox.
  • 3DFY: Unified controls.
  • 3DFY: Added X- and Y- Position controls.
  • 3DFY: Changed "Opacity" to "Opacity Fade Index".
  • Updated documentation accordingly.
So go ahead and download from here!

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Sep 19, 2012

Inspiration: BIS REBRAND

Amazing render and motion graphics! Watch in HD!

Sep 7, 2012

i2c DEV

Hi guys! I made a new blog i2c DEV which will hold all the development information for presets.
It will feature preset development information, advanced expressions and betas for upcoming presets. A greater breakdown of updates will also be there.
I think it's great if you've read the AE Expressions Basics and are looking for more advanced uses and functions, sort of like Expressions Advanced or something.

So feel free to head over there and see what's going on. There's a link for it in the links bar at the top.

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Sep 4, 2012

Multipass Compositing with Cinema4D and After Effects 03

So in the previous part, our comp is in AE but it's looking bright. I thought I'd take a moment for us to look at why this is happening and how to fix it.

Intro to UVs in C4D and Bodypaint

Thought I'd share this video on UVs in Cinema4D via Bodypaint. It's by Chris Schmidt for GreyScaleGorilla, who's one of my favorite tutors! Check it out:

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