TIP | RGB-Split Black with INTERFERE

How do you RGB-split Black? Well, in this post I'll show you a quick workaround when using i2c_INTERFERE.

This post is about i2c_INTERFERE in the i2c Presets Pack. You can get it, and more info, here.
Well, technically it's not possible to get RGB from black. Because black has [0,0,0]; all values of [Red, Green, Blue] are zero. Which is why Interfere won't work with black text, but there is a way to fix this.

The above example is with black text. As the manual goes, I've renamed the layers to "RED", "GREEN" and "BLUE" and set the top two blend-modes to "Add", but the layers remain black.

In order to get the colors out from these layers, we need to use a different "formula" to calculate the color output. We do this by changing the fx_COLOR effect in the layers themselves:

Under fx_COLOR's "Operator", change it from "And" to "Or".
This will make the layers nice and colorful, back as their names are set:
Okay, look right in the middle where the layers intersect. It's getting a strange mix of colors, but black is nowhere to be found.
The solution is simple: Change the blend-mode of the top two layers to "Multiply"... and...:

Cool! Now we have black where the layers intersect!

One other thing, you're probably asking: Why isn't this the default?
Well, for one, this process doesn't work if the layers are originally white. It becomes like we've swapped the problem. With these settings, white text would remain white! Also, multiply doesn't work with white.

Another thing to notice is the differences it makes with images:

Here's a comparison of the RED layer with the "Lighthouse" image that comes with Windows 7
The left is the default operator (And), the right side is the operator in this post (Or). See the difference?
On the left, the blacks remain black while on the right the whites remain white. So depending on your image, you can choose an operator appropriately, or choose one on the look it produces.

Though in the end, they all produce very similar images. So... yea...