Dec 27, 2012

BREAKDOWN | The Avengers Fight Scene - ILM VFX Breakdown

ILM explain their work in this scene in the Avengers where they had a camera follow individual heroes but all in one shot.
Here's a breakdown of what they had to do to pull it off, and how digital doubles come to the rescue:

I love that they had a team shooting NY so they could have it entirely in CG. And that's a LOT of HDRIs.

Industrial Light & Magic is the first VFX company. They started out with Jurassic Park and Star Wars and have worked on Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean and many high-grossing films out there.

Dec 23, 2012

TUTORIAL | Using INTERFERE on Holographic UIs

In the first of many video tutorials, I explain how to setup i2c_INTERFERE for a quick RGB-split and distort effect for this holographic UI panel.

Get i2c_INTERFERE in the Presets Pack here.

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Dec 7, 2012

TUTORIAL | Snowflakes with Shape Layers and Stacked Modifiers

The festive season is upon us and the Christmas work begins.
As a little helper, I thought I'd share this video on how to use Shape Layers and their modifiers to create fancy shapes and snowflakes. There's also lots more you can do with this technique, but I'll leave that up to you :-D

Wait a second! Tip 32?
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