Apr 12, 2011

Spinner Advertisement (with some sound effects) with Monocollettivo

Hey peoples!

So you remember a while ago I posted an After Effects tutorial on how to make a spinning "preloader" style element? At the end I mentioned that you could probably make an advert that you'd use to sell it to your customers, but it didn't have sound.
So my new friend over at Monocollettivo in Italy thought "this is just sad" and went ahead and added sounds for me. So we can call this my first collab video XD

Monocollettivo is an artist project based in Italy that's into electro music and has some foraying into video.
The have a presence everywhere, so check them out. You can get to their spaces easily via their MySpace:


Thanks again!!

What do you think? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page, or holla at Monocollettivo on their spaces.

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