Apr 26, 2012

AE Workflow 02: Shy, Markers and Layer Colors

When you're working in the timeline of a specific composition, you can sometimes find yourself with hundreds of layers, including pre-comps. Managing these can be difficult, so in this post I'll introduce you to three solutions to help keep stuff organised, which in turn makes your workflow a lot faster and smoother.

Apr 23, 2012

AE Workflow 01: Workspaces and Shortcut Keys

Hey everyone!
This is AE Workflow. A series of posts on to help you be more efficient and get ish done faster.
This is part one, where I'll be talking about Workspaces and Shortcut Keys.

Apr 18, 2012

Sky is Tumbling ~ Tribute to Nujabes

If you watch anime (and have watched Samurai Champloo) there's a high chance you know Nujabes, and if you went further, you probably know Cise Starr from CYNE. Cise Starr did a memorial tribute to him in this song with AMAZING beats (That I think were produced either by Nujabes or Uyama Hiroto!)

Sky is Tumbling (featuring Cise Star) by Nujabes on Grooveshark

Rest in beats, Jun Seba!

Apr 17, 2012

Retro Blocky Text in AE - Quick Tip

Hey people!
In this quick tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make retro-looking blocky text in AE, as seen with the logo at the end and the "TANDEM" text in the "Intro Recreation" video on my YouTube Channel::

Apr 3, 2012

Steadicam on Near Zero Budget

Looking for a steadicam, but don't have the finances to get one?
There's lots of solutions for the indie, zero-budget filmaker. So I thought I'd share these DIY tips.
For those who don't know, steadicam is a gadget that's attached to a camera to allow for REALLY smooth shots.
It's used EVERYWHERE. Feature films, commercials and even TV shows. The camera operator can RUN and in the final shoot it'll look like a smooth dolly shot.
File:Steadicam Operator John Fry with Master Steadicam & Arri Alexa camera.jpg
img via Wikipedia
Problem? THEY'RE EXPENSIVE!!! So the indie filmmaker and home-moviemaker will most certainly need a cheap alternative!


I was hunting for steadicams and I stumbled upon this video on how to turn a standard $30 tripod into a steadicam, using only a screwdriver!
I like this one mostly because it'll let you take very low angles, something you can't achieve with standard steadicams (due to the weights and the boom for balancing).
Check it out:

FilmRiot Steadicam

FilmRiot, the awesome DIY tip guys, have an awesome technique that actually uses weights and the usual piping. Really cool:


IndieMogul is dedicated to indie filmmakers, so they couldn't possibly miss a steadicam tut, this one featuring FinalCutKing

For more, check out this search or this one

Credit to the respective video makers!