Sep 18, 2013

AE | Expression Driven Gauge - Part 2

In the first post, we looked at building the base and setting up the numbers, now we're gonna make the Master control and get the bar to change colors.

Sep 12, 2013

AE | Expression Driven Gauge - Part 1

Expressions!! Expressions can be used to control various properties of a layer but their use if quite situational. It really depends on how you intend to use your composition. This will affect the approach you take as well as whether it's necessary to use an expression at all. I think the best way to illustrate this is to use a real-world example: a gauge!

So, we're going to make a "Core Temp" gauge as in the header above. It's pretty simple, right, but we're mainly going to focus on the decisions we make about the expressions driving the different elements that make up the gauge, and how we're going to set up the entire composition to be 'expression-friendly'.

Jul 23, 2013

Free Cinema4D Plugins You Gotta See

Cinema 4D is a powerful application, and with some additional python scripting, objects can be 'supercharged' and effectors can be customized to have their own effects. Here's some free python plugins and presets for Cinema4D that you HAVE to try.

Contribute to the list by adding your favorites in the comments below

Try at your own risk


If you're using C4D and you don't know about Nitro, you're welcome!
Nitro features some VERY powerful plugins, some of the best out there, and they're mostly free (if not Name Your Price).
Some of the ones I use are MagicSymmetry, the shattering plugin Thrausi, the realtime rendering preview window MagicPreview, and the feature that NEEDS to be in C4D by default: Magic Solo.

Nitro does an amazing job at providing these things, especially for free. Donate a little something if you can.

Check out all of the plugins at

Adaptive Cloner

One common problem with the C4D cloner is that the spacing between objects can get a bit annoying. Adding more clones to a Grid Array will have you tweaking the spacing again. Adaptive Cloner is the answer. It automatically adjust spacing between clones.

Check out the original post at CyborgDino for the download link.

Ocean Wave Effector

This is an awesome python effector developed by CreativeTools that creates waves based on the location of the effector. It takes a bit to get used to how it works but it's very powerful.

A great way to work with this is to add a null and drop the plane in a hyperNURBS. Set the subdivisions in editor to 0 and the subdivisions in renderer to 3. This will make the viewport light and easy to work with and make the final render (in Picture Viewer) a lot more detailed.

You can get more information and download the Ocean Wave Effector from their GitHub


MazeTrace is yet another plugin from CreativeTools. It creates a maze out of your geometry, which can then be converted to splines.

Check out their github for lots more.


Whether you're doing microscopic or medical work, or maybe you just need something to spice up your scene, microfloaties creates random drifting object simulating dust and stray hairs.

You can find the download and a good explanation on the product's page n

Know of any plugins that should be on this list? Drop a comment below and I'll add it!

May 17, 2013

PHOTOSHOP | Road to Home Photo Manipulation

We're gonna be using Photoshop and 4 images to create a the below photo manipulation. We'll mainly focus on blending the colors and the contrast of the different images to get the final result, the most important step. Click the title to see the tut. You can click the image to view it larger.

May 9, 2013

Multipass Compositing with Cinema 4D and After Effects 04

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Okay, so we brought everything into AE and set up our workspace. Now, what do we gain from using multipass? Let's take a look:

May 3, 2013

AE Quick Tip 04 | Isolate Layers for Masking

Here's a quick tip on isolating layers that have effects and have been transformed so you can mask them without obstruction:

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Apr 19, 2013

AE Quick Tip 03 | Comp and Layer Markers

Here's another quick tip on adding markers to compositions and layers. Very useful for future reference.

Apr 5, 2013

After Effects CC to Come with FREE Cinema4D!

Adobe and Maxon recently made a strategic alliance, and this is the awesome product!
Just before NAB, Adobe announced new features we can expect to see in After Effects CS7 CC. Perhaps the biggest part of it being that it comes with a free version of Cinema4D Lite!

Click the title to read the full story, and screenshots!

UPDATE: Maxon have updated their site with a demo of Cinema4D and AE working together here

Images via

Apr 4, 2013

AE Tip 02 | Change Default Render Queue Output Module

The Lossless output module that's default in After Effects leads to some REALLY huge files. Here's a quick tip on how to change that default to your own preset. I personally prefer Quicktime or High-bitrate FLV as my default render setting.

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AE TIP 01 | Using Dingbat Characters

Welcome to AE Tips. In this series I'll be explaining some very useful techniques when working with After Effects. You guys liked them on Twitter, now they come in quick videos.
In this episode, we'll look at how to use dingbat fonts like Wingdings and Webdings to get the vector characters you're looking for.

Let me know what you think.
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Mar 10, 2013

Silk and Pearls

Render of a silky cloth material and three pearls. Inspired by this video, I decided to go out and try making a silky material in Cinema 4D. This was done entirely in C4D with no post processing.

Click to view larger

Feb 27, 2013

AE Expressions eBook Hits Over 5000 Reads!

After Effects Expressions Basics hits 5,000 reads today!
Thanks everyone for checking out the ebook! I'm glad it's really helping out a lot of people.

If you haven't gotten your hands on it yet, get it right here!

Thanks again!

Feb 24, 2013

TUTORIAL | Jump Out of the Frame

In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to make someone jump out of the frame. This technique can be used for pretty much anything. Here's the final product:

Young girl dancing happy in a field by african_fi:

Feb 7, 2013

BREAKDOWN | Final Destination 5 Before After

Here's an awesome before-after of the bridge scene at the beginning of Final Destination 5. It really shows the amount of work and planning that goes into the making of feature films.

Be warned: Expect blood and gore. Quite violent (it is Final Destination, after all).

Feb 1, 2013

BREAKDOWN | The Hobbit Characters

Weta Digital break-down the characters in the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in these three videos, one of which I'm surprised was actually CG. They also demonstrate their facial rigs and animation techniques.

They recently created this channel.


Jan 30, 2013

INSPIRATION | Britney Spears Speed Painting

Igor Kazarin shares this speed painting video. I like watching Speed Painting as it gives insight to workflows and new techniques.

Like? Hate? Opinion? Comment below will be appreciated!

Jan 19, 2013

INSPIRATION - Microsoft Advertising

Check out this fun video by Microsoft looking at kids' ideas of the future. Some cool motion graphics in here as well.

Jan 6, 2013

BREAKDOWN | Cut & Fold by Erik Johansson

Photo Manipulator Erik Johansson shows a breakdown of "Cut & Fold" a very interesting piece.

He also did a TED talk in February 2012, here:

Erik Johansson is a photo manipulator. His work is extremely inspiring. He's done a lot of popular pieces, this one being one of the first I saw:

Jan 5, 2013

TUTORIAL | Fix Canon EOS Utility Issue in Windows 8

Having issues using your EOS Utility application on Windows 8? Here's the solution.

I use a Canon EOS 650D and whenever I connected it to my Windows 8 PC (x64), EOS Utility would not pick up on it and all options would remain grayed out and disabled. This problem is also reported on the EOS 7D and 5D.

To fix this problem is pretty simple.

  • On the next page, check out the numbered links below for news on your camera. Might find something important. I just learnt there's a problem with 650D's producing a white irritating substance on the grip over time, luckily their check system said my camera is not affected.
  • Click on "Downloads" at the top.
  • Select "Software (drivers and applications)", your operating system and select a language.
  • Down below, you'll find "EOS Utility 2.12.3" (at least, at the time of this post, it may be higher).
  • Read the disclaimer, then click "Accept & Download" if you accept. The download will begin.
  • Install the program as you would any other program. If you already have a previous version of EOS Utility, you can proceed with installing and it will update.
  • Enjoy using your EOS Utility!
  • Remember to check back every few months for new updates to the software.
The real problem was that the previous versions of EOS Utility are not compatible with Windows 8. Since the software on the disk was written before Windows 8 came out, you'll have to download directly from Canon.

Enjoy :-D

Jan 2, 2013

BREAKDOWN | Deep Compositing in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Robin Hollander give this breakdown on using "Deep" data for Deep Compositing in the Foundry's Nuke. He does explain what it is and how it was used in Rise of the Planet of the Apes for compositing (Weta Digital). If you're not into Nuke, just watch anyway. Very interesting concept.

Render passes are very powerful, and with Deep it gets even easier on the compositor's side.