Dec 5, 2011


Hey everyone! No fancy theme for this inspiration post (perhaps VFX if anything) but here's some cool videos I've seen around the web. I'll try get this going like once or twice a week.

Anyway, here they are! Don't forget to comment/like the videos to support the respective creators :-D

Nov 25, 2011

i2c PP - Isolated Interfere

So here is the long awaited i2c Presets Pack tutorial.
In this one, I'm going to be showing you some cool, advanced uses of the Presets. I'm currently using INTERFERE 2 BETA for this, but you can still use the one that comes with the Presets Pack, since it's essentially the same.
We're also gonna look at how to get the object to jump around the screen like that.

Let's get started!

Nov 22, 2011

UPCOMING TUT: Isolated Interfere

Hey everyone!
There's a written tutorial coming, and it's going to be about advanced uses of Interfere, my favorite preset from the i2c Presets Pack.
Check it out!!

Show some appreciation, leave a comment below, bad/good!

Nov 14, 2011

i2c Update

Hey Creatives!
I've been thinking it's about time I redesigned the i2c Layout. I've had it for quite a while now and it's about time we saw some change.
So anyway, while I'm doing that, the site may look weird and randomly change for the next few days, so please bear with it, but keep in mind that the content is still available!

(I was initially planning on sticking to the black background, but I saw a white template that looks pretty cool! Dilemma!)

Hey, the blog redesign is done, at least generally! There's still a few changes to be made here and there, fixes, you know the sort, especially the color scheme.

Like it? Content? Hate it? Prefer the old one? Suggestions for what I can change?
Feel free to drop a comment below and let me know what you think!

Thanks again everyone

Nov 8, 2011

Link - Pseudo Effects in AE

Hey guys!
If you find that you use a lot of your own custom presets, and find your presets tend to have a lot of Expression Controls and links (ie Slider Controls and such), then this post is definitely for you. If you're not into that stuff, well you may end up doing so, so why not read through and see what we have going on.

Oct 29, 2011

C4D - Bouncing Lights with GI

Hello people!
So here's a first, a Cinema4D post.
Lately I've really been toying around in C4D. I'm sure you remember Abstraction.
Anyway, yesterday I was messing around with GI and trying to find a solution to the 'dirty' renders, as well as how to get descent lighting from a single light-source.
The results were interesting...

Oct 12, 2011

i2c PRESETS PACK out now!

Today marks the day that the i2c Presets Pack comes out. After a long wait and over-anticipation, the 6 presets for AfterEffects are now available to you.
Check out the official download page and get on it! It's totally free, but sadly only for CS5 and above. Older versions will get it very very soon!

If you like the presets, do stop by here again and let me know what you think. There's also contact info in the doc so you can report bugs, stuff that doesn't work and every other concern/compliment.

Thanks and enjoy!

Oh and I'd like to thank all the betatesters who took the time to check them out and bear with my constant updates and so on. Thank you very much. Thanks to them, lots of bugs were fixed, code was fixed and new features were added even before release.

PROBLEM? Visit this section of the Forum and we'll sort it out!

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Sep 21, 2011

VIDEO: Abstraction

Hey guys!
I present "Abstraction":

This was done in Cinema4D. Click the title for more info.

Sep 8, 2011

VIDEO: Fancy Holographic Watch

Hey everyone!
New video. Shot and edited yesterday (7th Sept), I was testing some techniques for an upcoming project! I've always wanted to something like this. I guess this would be Holographic 5.
Check it out here: (click <--- link to watch in higher res (1080p available))

(click the title for more info)

Aug 26, 2011

Inspiration - Clones!

Hey everyone, inspiration post here!
I was going through YouTube and I got a recommended link to a video about... well, clones! I found some pretty basic stuff as well as some great ideas. In this post, I'll share them with you XD

(click the header to view the full post)

Aug 23, 2011

i2c Presets Pack Updated

Hello everyone!

I know, its been a while since I posted. I've been hectically busy working on projects, and recently started working on the Ideas to Creations Presets Pack.
If you remember, the pack was initially announced to have 2 presests: Interfere and Scan. Well, I'm here to tell you that I've improved the pack by adding 4 more presets.
So that makes 6 presets: Interfere, Scan, Face Camera, 3Dfy, Lag and Spinner!

Thus far, Face Camera and Spinner are already out there, and an outdated Beta for Scan was released a while ago. I'm looking forward to releasing them and hearing from all of you what you think of the presets.
I'll have a demo uploaded soon. In the mean time, why not download and promote the pack with this wallpaper (1920x1080) and tell a friend with the share buttons below!

Thanks for stopping by! I gotta get back to work!

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Aug 1, 2011

AfterEffects + Photoshop - Aligning Similar Layers

Hey people!
I was working on a cloning technique for a test video and, of course, it required various shots from the same angle that needed to be lined up before the masking could begin.

The problem was I had set the camera on a surface rather than using a tripod, so I ended up with slightly offset clips because the camera moved a few degrees every time I pressed Record.

Anyway, this isn't about how to shoot it, this is a quick tip on how to line up the shots in post! This process can be used for anything that involves aligning similar layers. Using Background Plates, creating clones, merging characters from separate shots etc.
This process would also apply to Photoshop, and any application that supports Blend Modes.

Jul 25, 2011

i2c Facebook and Twitter

Hey good people!
So Ideas to Creations has extended it's bounds. I got a Facebook page and a Twitter profile where I'll be posting fun stuff like images from projects I'm working on or have worked on, mini-blog posts explaining quick and easy stuff in the 140 word limit, and also it'd be a great chance to interact.

Click the images to visit the repective pages:


Like the Ideas to Creations page and/or follow @i2cblog on Twitter and we can start having some creative fun!

Also, I'll be taking a short break from posting on the blog. I have a few projects I need to finish so I won't have time to fill the blog, though I will be posting some behind the scenes images on Twitter and Facebook (when I'm allowed) and I'll also be throwing some vibe there so go ahead and Like/Follow to keep track of what's going on!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and reading this!
Really appreciate it, guys!

Jul 22, 2011

Video - Feel the Void Ident Concept

Hey people, new video! XD
In this one I'm showing a potential ident for our videos, you know, the longer ones. I created this one in Cinema4D, created the sound in Soundbooth and merged everything in After Effects then added the sound.
YES! SOUND!! I'm sure you know how excited I am.

Jul 20, 2011

Test - Magic Circles

Hey peoples!
So we're in the middle of work on a relatively big project. As my part as the VFX artist, I'm working on some concepts for magic circles. They're like elements that appear whenever someone does something with magic. It happens in a few games but mostly in anime like Full Metal Alchemist, Fairy Tail and even Naruto (Summoning and Neji's 64 trigams technique):

Full Metal Alchemist
Fairy Tail
I love the one on Full Metal Alchemist. It looks very math-oriented (if that makes sense), while Fairy Tail's is complex and symmetrical, and Neji's is very simple but still looks pretty cool!

I decided to go with the FMA look. Here's my first attempt:

Before I get into animating it (just spinning around subtly) I thought I'd get some opinions on it! I'm also working on other concepts that I'll share a bit later.

What do you think? Do you also have some designs of your own? Or advice to give?
Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page, there's also a Twitter @i2cblog

Jul 14, 2011

Create a 3D Scene in After Effects

Hey peoples!
In this fun post, we're going to look at how to create the 3D illusion using red-blue glasses (old school style) and also how to create the 3D glasses to view the scene!

Jul 13, 2011

DISCUSS: Recommend Scripts

Hey guys, welcome to the first instance of the Discuss tag, where you contribute!
They say that there comes a point in your life when you realize the need for certain things.
We realized the need for the knowledge of expressions, and now as we grow, I think it'd be great step to pick up on scripts.

I've heard about scripts, actually only used Video Copilot's TrimCompose. I've noticed how useful scripts are and have seen around on sites like AEScript and Nitro4D that they are important.

So, what script do you use on a regular?
What scripts do you think we should get our hands on?
Have your own script that you'd like to share?

Tell us in the comment section, on Facebook, or @i2cblog on Twitter!!

For anyone wondering, scripts are little pieces of code that tell a program to do something. Probably the simplest explanation that seems to make it pointless, scripts are EXTREMELY useful! So do trivial things like removing unsused layers or chopping invisible layers, while others optimize projects, help make complex processes easier and so on.
For example, there's "Expression Timeline" which lets you create complex expressions that apply only at a certain time period before it stops, or another expression takes effect!

So people, recommend some scripts for us in the comment section below, on the Facebook page, or @i2cblog on Twitter! There will be a future post consolidating all your posts to one XD

Thanks in advance!

Jul 12, 2011

Resource: Color Scheme Assistants

Hey people!
Sometimes picking a color scheme for a project can be... difficult! You can't always have a solution, especially if a client is very specific about what they want, or looking for a color that would compliment a specific color.

Well, there's lots of solutions out there to assist in picking the correct colors using various methods.

Jul 8, 2011

Video Copilot Reveals New Plugin "Element"

Hey people!
The guys over at Video Copilot have released a video for their upcoming plugin: Element. It's going to be a 3D particle system that will add some features that AE has needed for a long time. Check out the teaser video on Video Copilot
It's amazing how they continue to innovate VFX for all of us non-Hollywood artists. This includes with their previous products like Twitch, Action Essentials, and, best of all, Optical Flares. With all these from them, Element is bound to be another brilliant plugin

Some shots of Element at work::

What do you think? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page

Jun 23, 2011

19/53 Spherical Cubes

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Jun 22, 2011

Add Google's +1 to Blogger via AddThis

Hey people!
Google recently introduced +1, a button that gives you a +1 rating from the user who clicks it, making your article/page/post appear higher among search results.
Adding this to your site/blogger makes it very easy for people to share your stuff and if your viewers think something is relevant to what they were searching for, +1 helps others easily find it.

Jun 17, 2011

Inspiration and Cool Stuff

Hey creative people! In this post, I've got some links to stuff I like. Check it out...

Jun 14, 2011

AfterEffects - Joining Parented Points with a Line with Expressions

In the previous post we learnt how to join points with a line using the Beam effect and a very basic expression. In this tutorial, we're going to look at how to enable this to work with parented Null objects, since things appeared to get weird when we did that.

3D Content

3D, it's all the rage these days. I've been looking into making some 3D content, but first, let's look at what exactly it's about!

Jun 8, 2011

After Effects - Join Points with a Line with Expressions

Hey guys!
While working on the Mission Briefing video, I had to make the flexible line that joins the house to the text. This was because later the line had to move but still stay connected to the house. Here's a quick tip on joining objects with a line using a bunch of Nulls and some sneakiness XD

Jun 6, 2011

Video - Mission Brief

Hello people!
In my ongoing experiments, here's a new video. It's a mission brief for "Gamma Squad" inspired by the Call of Duty 4 load screens/brief clips.

The map was gotten from Google Earth. The 'mugshots' were from a random shoot we had a while ago which had some that fit the part. Everything else was built in AE. No 3rd party plugins involved :-P

Oh and by the by, if you remember my 10 things post, I mentioned how when exporting the FLV format rocks! Well, I had an MOV (photo-JPEG) version at 81 MB and the FLV version became 7 MB! Which means 10x quicker upload time at equal quality XD

While doing this I got an idea to have "Motion GFX Challenges" with other AE users out there... thinking about it... anyone down for it? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page. Then we'll get to the awesomeness!

May 18, 2011

Getting that Job...

Hey people!

Being creative seems like the best job in the world. Being paid to make art and mess around sounds like a plan, and when you're freelancing you're pretty much on your own schedules and so on.
It sounds like a lot of fun at first, but I've found people who got lost in freelancing and became too lazy to actually take on a proper job regularly, only when they were broke. There's been people who go from freelancing to work and can't cope. There's also those who can't get clients at all.

The creative industry can be crazy! Perhaps the hardest part is differentiating yourself from the crowd.
If Feel the Void was hiring, even though I'm not as skilled as the big company guys, I think I'd still look for people with good criteria and who stand out from the crowd.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is going into sites like Video Copilot or the tutsplus Network and just do tutorials all day. Well, there's nothing worse than going through someone's portfolio and finding the Ring (which is a very common one) and generally stuff that we've seen before. Speaking of the Ring, I once saw a video from a student which was a logo for a company, but had the same flat and round elliptical effect of "the ring" when the camera was in perspective. It looked very awkward and unprofessional.

I won't ramble about tutorials right now, since I talked about it in my article "Working with Tutorials" a while ago. So go check that out if you haven't already. John Dickinson has a short but very quick article on such things on his website Motionworks.

Simply put: Create original works! Don't do tutorials, anyone can do tutorials. Why should I pick you if I can just pick someone off the streets and have them do tutorials. They'd produce pretty much the same thing.
So what makes you different?

Or rather, how can you make yourself different?

Spread the Creativity

One way could be to take on the very creative approach by Jacques Nyemb of creating a funny but still creative and informative portfolio. If creativity is your work, why not show it in your application and CV.

There's more stuff you can see from this Google Search.

Don't just be creative, show your abilities in other fields other than being creative

There's an awesome article on CGtuts+ which applies to creatives in general titled "What Should be in Every Designer's Portfolio (that Probably Isn't)"
Basically, Harrison Ambs explains how not only do you have to be good at what you do, you should also be good at problem solving! If a client came with a ridiculous requirement that probably goes beyond your ability, would you strive to learn what you need to learn, go the extra mile and, most importantly, would you be capable enough to solve and handle problems on your own?

In one of Andrew Kramer's tutorials, "Blast Wave", he talks about how he figured most people would be able to pull of the effect, but saw it right to demonstrate the process of trial and error and solving problems as you go along, rather than sticking to scenarios that you're used to.

And that's what being creative is all about. You won't always get stuff you've done before. Someone could come and say "I want to create a sci-fi movie that's never been done before." Would you be able to handle such a case? And if not, why not? You know the software, you have the resources like stock images and stock footage, so why not?
When you're being interviewed, the interviewer is probably indirectly asking these questions. Show that you are not only capable to do what you do, but also to grow as you work and solve problems.

Do you think there's more to getting a job than just that?
Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page

May 17, 2011

CC Particle World Producer and Nulls

Hey guys!
Most users I've met thus far are big fans of Trapcode Particular. If you've roamed around the net you'll notice everyone suggest as soon as you get into After Effects it's best to download it, rather than be tortured by the other particle systems. In fact some discourage you from using Particle World at all!
Well, sometimes a budget can be tricky to come across and we have to use CC Particle World. So in this post, I'm going to be showing you how to make the producer follow a Null, just like Trapcode can.

May 16, 2011

Shoot for Return of the Void

So yesterday we shot a video that involves our love for Android and also our hatred of over-hyped, useless apps. It was a random and very risky shoot, but we all had fun and everyone got home in one piece.

The video will be coming out with the Return, which should be sometime in the middle of next month. We'll have a new set of videos with new effects and flossing some of the skills we've picked up!

Wish I could say more but it'd kill all the psyche!

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May 15, 2011

Match Moving + MoDynamics = Awesome!

Hey guys!
So lately I've been learning Cinema 4D! I'm amazed by all the different things that C4D can do, especially MoDynamics and the very fun-to-use MoGraphs.
So, at some point, I thought: Why not use match-moving and Cinema to create an interesting MoDynamics animation.
The idea was born, now it was time to pull it off. And here it is!

Wow, I'm so proud.
The original footage was shot at 1440 x 1080 but later shrunk to 960 x 720 which REALLY helped with tracking. I got a hpix of 0.5! Coming from the 0.87 that I had for Holographic 4
I faced a few problems along the way, but also learnt a lot concerning match-moving and compositing.

-SynthEyes for Match Move aka 3D Track
-C4D for 3D Objects
-After Effects for Color Correction and Masking

Some screenshots: (click to view larger)

(floors colored blue for illustration)

Also, the beginning logo for the video uses Interfere, my RGB-spilt+distort animation preset ;-)
It took 3 hours to render this short clip on my laptop of:
AMD Turion64 x2 @ 2.2GHz, 3GB RAM, Nvidia 8400M GS (256MB).
Nothing really to show off about, and yes it did come pretty close to overheating!

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May 11, 2011

53 - Metamorphosis

Hey guys!
So here's some work I did a few days ago, in order to catch up with 53:

These images were inspired by the awesomeness of one of my Flickr contacts Human Descent, check out his work, it's ridiculously awesome!

Merging animals is a very tricky task, mainly because you have to consider a lot of things: lighting, shadows, textures, colours, contrast... argh!
It seems my good days of photo manipulation have helped a lot. Oh, here are the original images from my stock collection.

Also, thanks everyone for stopping by! Yesterday I hit 10,000 views which I think is flipping AWESOME!! Thanks to everyone for stopping by and everyone who linked to this blog and dropped comments. Really appreciate it.


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May 9, 2011

Return of the Void

You read it right!?
We at Feel the Void have been out and about experimenting on different fields. VFX, script writing, sound tracks and photo editing.
There have been experiments and lots of messing around and now it's time to put it to the test!
The Void is coming back. Stay tuned here for behind-the-scenes info and announcements, and also on the wordpress site linked above.

Really looking forward to it :-D
I'll slowly be throwing out teaser images from our shoots!

If you haven't seen our work, head over to the Facebook page and check out the Videos tab and catch up!

What do you think? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page, or holla on my FormSpring

May 7, 2011

Awesome Movie - Bear Force One

One cool thing about following awesome people like freddiew and CorridorDigital is that you get to see the stuff the favorite/like in the news feed. Here's a pretty cool 25-min movie that may at first seem horribly produced but when you get the hang of the style it's actually quite hilarious and entertaining!

It's embedded here but I suggest you watch it on Youtube

Sit back and enjoy, and grab some popcorn!

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Apr 20, 2011

One Continuous Shot

Hey guys!

Recently, deStorm posted a video he did with Tom Antos' crew while he was in Toronto, Canada.
The video picks on various famous movies and references them within various 'scenes', though the whole thing is done in one shot. Here's the embedded version, or check it out on Youtube

Check it out on Youtube for full details and links, and also check out the Behind the Scenes
[contd] (click title for the full post)

Apr 13, 2011

Photoshop - Create Soft Shadows

Hello peoples!
It's been a while since I did a Photoshop tutorial.
In this tut, I'm gonna be showing you how to make soft, falling shadows. It's may seem like a strange technique, but with explanation it's going to make a lot of sense.
So, let's get started! (if you find the images are too small, you can click to view the larger original version)

Apr 12, 2011

Spinner Advertisement (with some sound effects) with Monocollettivo

Hey peoples!

So you remember a while ago I posted an After Effects tutorial on how to make a spinning "preloader" style element? At the end I mentioned that you could probably make an advert that you'd use to sell it to your customers, but it didn't have sound.
So my new friend over at Monocollettivo in Italy thought "this is just sad" and went ahead and added sounds for me. So we can call this my first collab video XD

Monocollettivo is an artist project based in Italy that's into electro music and has some foraying into video.
The have a presence everywhere, so check them out. You can get to their spaces easily via their MySpace:

Thanks again!!

What do you think? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page, or holla at Monocollettivo on their spaces.

Apr 11, 2011

After Effects Expressions Basics

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present my first ebook: After Effects Expression Basics!

This ebook is for beginners to intermediate users and will cover:

  • The basics of using and applying expressions;
  • Arrays and variables;
  • Using the pick whip;
  • Using common expressions such as wiggle and valueAtTime;
  • Using the expressions learnt in some fun and informative examples.
All the expressions will work with all versions of After Effects (except international versions in different languages)!

So what are you waiting for, get downloading!

Get it from any of the following:

When you're through, why not come back and check out more posts on expressions that build on the knowledge gained!

Drop a comment below or on the Facebook page and let me know what you think! And use the Tweet/Like and Share buttons below to tell a friend!

Yours truly,

Apr 9, 2011

After Effects - 3D Glow, LookAt Expression and Face Camera

That's right! 3D Glow!
I was working on an Iron Man-ish HUD and needed some of the objects to glow. One problem I had is that whenever the camera turned you could see that the glow was actually very flat. I eventually found a solution, and in this post I'll explain how I came to the conclusion, how to use the 'lookAt' expression, and give out a preset from the upcoming Presets Pack. :-D

Apr 4, 2011

Presets Pack - Progress

Hey guys! I'm finally back home and can continue throwing some stuff at the blog!
First off, thanks for being patient.
Second, I thought I'd update everyone on the progress of the Presets Pack that I announced a few weeks ago. It'd be a great experience if I shared what I'm learning as I'm improving the presets.

Apr 2, 2011

Feel the Void's Rock Documentary

Hey everyone!
Feel the Void is proud to announce "the Rock Scene Documentary".

It's been long overdue! We've finally finished the documentary and are currently making the DVDs for the premiere next week.

Stay tuned here, on Twitter or on the Feel the Void Facebook page or blog.
Lots of places to stay tuned!

What do you think? Drop a comment below, or like and comment on the Facebook page